We do citizen science to learn how the human mind creates and perceives music. Pick a game to get started!

We recommend wearing headphones but you can also play while listening on speakers.
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What songs does the whole world know? Help us find out.

Average time: 2.2 minutes.

982 players so far!


Listen to voices from around the world and guess who's listening.

Average time: 1.1 minutes.

14,432 players so far!

Do you think you're tone-deaf? Test your pitch perception.

Average time: 2.5 minutes.

127,750 players so far!

Are you a musical prodigy? Test your Musical IQ to find out.

Average time: 5.6 minutes.

3,076 players so far!


Teach our robot how music feels! He'll guess your favorite songs.

Average time: 3.0 minutes.

3,755 players so far!


Help us to discover the building blocks of music.

Average time: 4.4 minutes.

15,937 players so far!

Can you tell what kind of song you're listening to?

Average time: 2.3 minutes.

36,584 players so far!

What kind of science would you like to see here?

Visit the Music Lab with your baby!

We are now recruiting babies age 2 to 12 months for science research about the world's music. In the study, babies listen to songs while we measure their heart rate, pupil dilation, gaze, motion, and more!

We are conveniently located on Harvard's Cambridge campus, with free parking, and you can take home a Music Lab onesie or other cool prizes as a thank-you gift.