We do citizen science to learn how the human mind creates and perceives music. Pick a game to get started!

We recommend wearing headphones but you can also play while listening on speakers.
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Title for Tone Guesser

Do you have better music or color intuitions? Play to find out!

Average time: 8.6 minutes

3,116 players so far!


Title for Calls of the Wild

Do you hear like a deer? Listen to animal sounds to find out!

Average time: 4.2 minutes

12,910 players so far!

Title for Test Your Musical IQ

Are you a musical prodigy? Find out now.

Average time: 21 minutes

2,635,720 players so far!

Title for Kids' Music Quiz!

How do kids interpret world music? This game works best on a desktop computer.

Average time: 8.3 minutes

41,415 players so far!

Title for Tone-Deafness Test

Do you think you're tone-deaf? Test your pitch perception.

Average time: 2.5 minutes

1,802,235 players so far!

Title for Top of the Charts

What songs does the whole world know? Help us find out.

Average time: 2.2 minutes

169,745 players so far!

Title for Are You a Super-Listener?

Only a Super-Listener can tell these tricky sounds apart. Can you?

Average time: 5 minutes

251,947 players so far!

Title for Who's Listening?

Listen to voices from around the world and guess who's listening.

Average time: 1.1 minutes

97,937 players so far!

Title for What's Your Musical Style?

Teach our robot how music feels! He'll guess your favorite songs.

Average time: 5.0 minutes

203,400 players so far!


Title for Synthesizer Game

Help us to discover the building blocks of music.

Average time: 4.4 minutes

80,280 players so far!

Title for World Music Quiz

Can you tell what kind of song you're listening to?

Average time: 2.3 minutes

232,124 players so far!